Friday, November 26, 2010

Some of My Favourite Things...

Did anyone watch Oprah's final favourite things? WOW! What a dream to be part of that audience. Anyway, it inspired me to start a list of what I would give away as my favourite things and with Christmas around the corner - here goes it. Enjoy...

Necklace from Laura Lombardi

I must confess...I don't actually own it yet, but it's on my wish list. 

Quantum Wellness Book

I purchased this book 2 years ago and I highly recommend it. I 'm a big believer in self improvement books (and have read my share). This is one I always seem to come back to. I've applied the principles (not so much the cleanse) but after this holiday season I may need it...

Tods camel bag

I adore this bag. The colour, the shape, the size. It's classic.

Milk glass vases

My collection is small right now but hoping to grow. I love these beauties and look forward to displaying them in my kitchen. What a great hostess gift.

Jam from Missing Goat

I LOVE this jam. I discovered it this summer and have been hooked ever since. Yum!

Fingerless gloves

This is the best winter invention. I must admit, I worried about the look a couple years ago but now they have been my go to gloves for 2 years. You can also find them in cashmere...dreamy!


  1. Nice list! Gorgeous necklace and the bag..classic and perfect! xoxo

  2. lovin you! Thanks Karla - you are very sweet. The sale is on again - 4th and 5th 10am till 3pm. I hope to be there this time to help you carry everything to your car! hee hee.

  3. That's a great bag! Do you fingers get cold in the finger-less gloves?

  4. Love the fingerless gloves, I've had them for years (my mother in law would knit them for me). I am also a big fan of milk glass, so pretty. Missed the show so thanks for the post:)

  5. Those gloves are calling my name!! Thanks for stopping by design blooms-hope to see you around!