Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lovin the Paperwhites!

As a follow up to last week's post - I seem to be continuing on the Christmas decorating trend. Adding some pinecones, picking up some new ornaments and attending my first Christmas Craft Fair. One of the items that's in my must have inspiration list is Paperwhites. I want them on my mantel, in my kitchen and maybe one by my bedside table. Here are a few of the photos that have inspired me to love Paperwhites. Enjoy...

My first paperwhites in my front entry (no blooms yet!?)


  1. Paperwhites are so pretty- I am terrible with plants though:( Yours are going to look so pretty in you hallway once they bloom. xo

  2. OK... so I stopped by, and was not disappointed! LOVE the 4th image ;)

    Northern Light

  3. They're coming.. so close! What a gorgeous vignette :) xoxo