Monday, December 17, 2012

The Right Chandelier!

I'm on the hunt. The hunt for the right chandelier for some very dear and cool friends. Actually, the husband has put in the request, and since I don't get a lot of 'hubby requests' I feel an added pressure to find the perfect fit. As some of our favourite peeps, I would describe their style as a little mid century, a little industrial, a little eclectic and also warm and inviting. Currently they have a chandelier that says "glamour" and as I'm working on a few "glamour" projects right now it's fun to switch gears to something a little more edgy. I thought this was a good way to show H&K what I found (and get a blog post). Enjoy!

PS: I have a little confession. I'm addicted to Instagram. Yes, it's true. I've tried to stay away from all the
'look how great my life is' stuff on Facebook but Instagram has me hooked. You can find me at karlaldreyer. I will try to keep it real!

The direction I got was industrial. Se here we have it. I likey. via CB2

For a long table this one is very cool. To amp it up even more you could have 2 of them (10 lights) via CB2

Little hard to see on the photo but this is unique and industrial. via Parliament

You can't go wrong with this one and comes in different finishes. Love the brass inside. via Restoration Hardware

This one is sort of space like but fun. via Restoration Hardware

I saw a great knock off of this one at Homesense! via Restoration Hardware

Definitely a statement piece. One of my faves. via Chinz and Co.

They also are looking for a new table. This one comes in a couple different sizes and I love. It's by The Novagratz (look them up - I'm obsessed). It's so family friendly and cool. Via CB2

But I think this table is so very them. I can see it in their place and love it! Via CB2

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's your Style?

I'll warn you now, this post might be a bit on the tangent side. I've sat down about 3 times this week to write a post, started one and then just felt like I was writing something because I 'should' and feeling inauthentic about it. Got me thinking about why I started this blog. I was in the corporate working world and this was a way for me to get out the creative brewing inside me. Now as a mom and having not gone back to the dark side of corporate life I am looking again at why I do this blog? I want to share. I think I have some ideas that might be fun for others. A way to get the swirlings in my head out on paper (well, sort of).

This rambling leads me to a post that is sharing (check), that I think might be fun for others (check, I hope?) and yes, gets the swirlings (is that a word?) out of my head. My girlfriend (amazing photographer - check out her work here)  and I were talking about a session she had done years ago to help her define her style. She can probably explain this better, but basically the goal was to come up with two words that defined her taste. Actually, thinking out loud here, I should have asked her what that was as I'm helping her with few decor items right now!? Anyway, I think if we all knew our 'style' it would help with the choices we make in our home, in decor, in fashion - you know, all the really important decisions in life!

I think I'm in a transition right now for my style. I typically like things that look soft, feminine, white (still love that), a little sparkle. Probably 'contemporary romance.' I just made that up but sounds good. I'm now leaning toward 'contemporary whimsical' - yes, I just made that up too. As we're still hoping to make the move back into the city (Vancouver) this of course gets me thinking about how I see the new pad. I think it will be less fussy, a tad more eclectic, and a bit more whimsical. One thing I know for sure is that I'm feeling cluttered right now which leads to a cluttered mind so there will be some major clearing going on.

Here are a few pics of things inspiring me. They are a bit random - let's call them contemporary whimsy. Thanks for letting me vent. Enjoy...

Loved this room for a long time. Will have to incorporate some of this in my life.

Here is that whimsy part. I like the idea of working in this space.

Style that is still family friendly! Just wipe down those chairs and a table that looks good with a few marks.

Just love it, many reasons.

Styling with storage - actually that will be the 2 word 'style statement' of our new place for sure!

Have to do this for my girls.

Animal print and chalboard paint - what could be better?

Images via: Domino, Emily Henderson, Style at Home, House and Home, Pinterest, Caitlin Wilson Design

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh, How I Love it!

I'm obsessed. There, I said it. The latest edition of Style at Home Magazine did a Christmas spread with the co-owner of one of my all time favourite stores - The Cross in Vancouver, BC. Her home, the styling, the photos and those adorable beautiful! I love all the soft colours and gold with a splash of vintage mixed in. My favourite tip for Christmas, from this, is the fairy lights she has displayed around the mirror, so precious.

The Cross always has amazing styling and love all the little touches added to this home.  Enjoy!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Whistler Inspiration!

I have a sticker on my car that says "Whistler is my Happy Place." I know, I'm a nerd like that, but it's true. I have been going to Whistler, BC since I was a kid and with just a 2 hour drive from home it's one of our family's favourite little get-aways.

I'm excited to be working on a little project at my 'happy place.' The condo is a great open space but a wee bit old school in some of the finishings. So far we have painted, new counter tops, new sinks, appliances and kitchen knobs. What a difference (before and after shots to come). We are working on a budget and it's amazing what you can do with a little inspiration from the local Home Depot.

Next, we're moving on to the fun part - the furniture! Here are few shots for inspiration. We are thinking neutrals and lots of texture and maybe even a little 'woodsy' wallpaper thrown in there for fun. I thought these pics are nice to share as this time of year we can all add a nice throw or new pillows to make our home a little more cozy/cabin feel. Enjoy!

Images via Pinterest, Homedesign, archdaily

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Stunning Space!

When thinking of some of my favourite spaces, this condo featured in Style at Home always comes to mind. So girly, so soft, romantic, glamorous and so white! I love this space and maybe one day when my girls are a little older I can channel this style of decor. For right now I'll just swoon. Enjoy...

Oh, that chandelier!

The floors, that painting...

White, cream and grey...sigh

Love the wallpaper 

Now, that's romance!

Images via Style at Home Magazine

Monday, October 22, 2012

MK - I Love You!

Who is MK? My man...Michael Kors! :-) I have been a huge fan of his clothing, bags and accessories for years and my love just keeps on growing. I just got back from a fantastically fun girls shopping weekend in Seattle. We had a great time hitting the shopping trails and realized we're not much of night owls anymore ending up with 3 large pizza's and vino in our room at 8PM - a perfect evening actually!

Okay, back to Michael (Kors that is...). I scored a beautiful and functional sweater with toggles that will be my go-to for this fall. I pulled out my brown MK bag from last winter and feel ready to go. I love his mix of classic with the trends. Here are a few of some my other faves. Enjoy...

Cream belted coat...lovely!

Love the colour and shape for the season

Kinda addicted to a cross body bag

Hello beautiful cuff

Love this dress! Black panels...very slimming

Pavee bracelet, beauty

Rockin a little leather

Python - the new classic

This this  might be my fave - a studded dress!

Skinnies and a toggle sweater - Love

Classic with the colour of the season

Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Home Lovin...

You know when you're drawn to something but it's not your 'normal' so you don't take note that this may be something you like or a reason you're drawn to it. Or am I making no sense here? I'm probably making no sense so let me explain. Over the past year I really have come to notice what seems true for me in life. Whether that be things I enjoy with my family, hobbies, activities, what and who makes me joyful etc, etc. So this rant now comes down to something quite frivolous. I'm realizing that my style in home decor seems to be taking a bit of a shift. A shift I've been in denial of (oh, the drama! :).

I'm inspired lately by a more eclectic look. Maybe it has to do with the fact we have little girlies and I kinda think the constant chaos happening in my house might blend in with this look. Here are a few photos that were on Danielle Oakey's blog from Lonny that have inspired me to get out of my 'style denial' and put it out there that I'm having some home lovin over this look. Do you like? Enjoy...

All white (as I love it) and my favourite thing is the kids art work hung by the bed, how perfect!

Open shelving - need me some open shelving.

Great wall paper and art wall

Love the low bookshelf along the wall and the mix of textures in this room