Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ahh, what to write. Was thinking about a fashion post - I have spring on the brain. Then was thinking of a self help post because that's always on my mind. So why not a little bit of everything...

January was an interesting start in my household. A sick one. I was the only one who held strong while my hubs and kids have had about 6 colds, 4 flus and a case of double pink eye. Good times. Throughout this fun period of time I have had some highlights. I have been working on a couple fun projects. I am re-branding and super stoked about the new look for my biz and I have some exciting news soon about a national publication my work may be appearing in!

I have also been meeting with some very inspiration women. It's part of my 2014 Year of Inspiration. I want to sit down with people who inspire me and to sound corny just get inspired from what they do. I've met a couple fabulous ladies lately who are in creative fields and managing/juggling both kidlets, following their dreams and making it happen. It's helping me to learn and grow.

And on a lighter note...I'm daydreaming of spring. I hear the birds, the days are a bit longer - it's coming (well, one day?). I've started putting together something very important. Looks I love. Petty as it is, it makes me happy.

So there you have it. A little reflection, a little fashion and maybe next time a little decor! Enjoy...

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Via Harpers Bazaar
Via Harpers Bazaar

I'm obsessed with this hair!!