Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Lovely Present!

I came across these unique paintings that I had to share (I'm sorry I can't remember whose blog they were on?). They really captured me. The idea is so simple, but really neat. Since Halloween is over and the stores are filled with Christmas already (yikes!), I thought these paintings by Karen Appleton where the perfect potential "present" to share. Enjoy...

I'll take any of these gifts!!


  1. Very sweet- would make such a great present:)

  2. They are so lovely...

    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Hi, found you via Style Files....
    I, too, did a post with that first big blue bow painting, isn't is fantastic?!!

    I wish you well on your blog journey, and look forward to checking in from time to time! When I started my blog the first day of 2010, as a NY resolution, I was so excited when I got a comment, so I hope to brighten your day :)!!

    Come check out Northern Light, when you have some time!

    Northern Light

  4. They looks so lovely!
    A wrapped present that you can wrap and give away as a present;)
    Found your blog on Northern Light!
    Please come and visit my blog.

    By the way I´m your new follower;)
    Lovely greetings...