Monday, November 1, 2010

My Design Love: Sarah Richardson

I can't believe I've actually been blogging about things that inspire me for this long without talking about Sarah Richardson!? I have been following Sarah since she stared in her first TV series Room Service many years ago. I adore her style. Clean, crisp, soft colours (well she is getting a bit more daring with the colours these days) classic, calm...let's just say stunning interiors! A great Sunday used to be curling up and watching a Sarah marathon on HGTV. I had the pleasure of viewing a couple of homes she decorated here on the Westcoast for a charity lottery a few years back.  Here are just a few pics of some of the inspiring work of Sarah Richardson. I adore her. Enjoy... (oh and there's 1 more pic I couldn't resist posting)


I have a similar shell chandalier and adore it!

Beautiful wallpaper and colour

Now, that's a bedroom!

A perfect "Sarah" bathroom

I have that block side table too. The stripes are so classic.

I like how she makes kids rooms feel classic

My little Halloween Owl! :-)


  1. I love your blog so far keep it up! :))))) I am following ....Thanks!

  2. I love Sarah too, I even got my husband to watch a couple episodes and stay interested... I think it might have been Tommy's ever changing titles that cracked him up.

  3. Hi There! I'm new to your blog, but when I saw that you've loved Sarah since Room Service I just knew that you were Canadian and thats relatively rare to find here in BlogLand :) I'm also a huge SR fan but have recently starting falling out of love since she's began promoting products all over the place... seeing these great pics does help reaffirm my commitment to her though!

  4. love her style! that little girl's room is so sweet.

  5. Hi! I just accidentally clicked on your blog link when commenting on Bryn Alexandra's blog. I am glad I did! I love Sarah Richardson too. Also, I noticed you're in Canada too, very cool! Like the girl above commented, it's relatively rare. Anyway, I'll be following. :)

  6. Hi there just want to say that I cannot agree with you more about Sarah! The second I saw this house a few years ago I was in love. (Too bad I can't find any pictures of the master closet, it is INCREDIBLE!) Great post. (Oh and that's one cute owl!)