Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few Weekend Loves

I have contemplated whether or not including weekend highlights was something I wanted to do on this blog. I had decided not so much. That being said, there are some weekends filled with a lot of items on my "makes me happy" list and for sake of remembering (for myself) and sharing ideas for others here are a few highlights from a wonderful weekend. Enjoy...

The weekend started early with Bookclub. Book club began about a year ago. A group of 8 great gals who meet every 6 weeks over wine and laughs. Our most recent read was Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Mixed reviews on the book but the meeting was a blast!

Thanks H. for the photo...

Next up was a fun filled trip to a local lake with some of our favourite friends. We sat by a cozy fire outside catching up while our kidlets ran around inside enjoying each other. Good food, fun drinks (Canadian coolers in a wine glass on ice...not bad!) and wonderful family time.

Thanks to the D. family...

We also managed to squeeze in movie night (my 2 year old is a musical fanatic!), home projects, art class and a trip to a local Christmas market which was fantastic! I won't say how much time and moola I spent at this creative gem.

Beautiful photos by Heather Cameron

Here are a few of my favourite finds...

Framed chalkboard for the kitchen

Framed poster/coarkboard for my daughter

Linen stockings (my photo doesn't do them justice!).

My favourite jams!

Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Wow - and I thought I did a lot this past weekend! You're a super woman. Now I know where half the barn sale items went! Your house.
    Enjoy the jam and syrup - thanks for the nice note too. I think they are doing a second sale early December - so start saving up!