Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lovin...A Little Sunshine!

I have been MIA for a bit as we took a well needed family vacation to Palm Desert. We live in Vancouver, BC and as beautiful as it is, the dreary grey skies can start to get to the best of you and some vitamin D was in order! We ate, swam, took a trip to the zoo, ate some more and shopped. Elements of a good time. I have included a few photos. I forgot my camera so most are taken from my hubby's new I-Phone (his favourite new toy). Below are some of my favourite spots in the Desert. You don't have to be a snow's actually a great place for a family too. Enjoy....


Tommy Bahamas: Located on El Paseo. They have the best coconut shrimp ever! Happy hour is 4-6PM and you can get great drink specials and appies for 5 bucks!

Jackalope: This is a family favourite. A lavish, almost Vegas type restaurant that has a great outdoor grass area where the kidlets can run free. Again...happy hour is the time.

Amore: A date night spot. Fun bar area, live music and lamb chops to die for.

Kid Activities:

The Living Desert Zoo: Great place for the family. You can feed the Giraffes at 10:30 daily and they have animal shows twice daily.

Marriott Birds: This sounds like an odd one, but the Marriott has bunch of exoctic birds to view in the lobby and if you make it there for 9:30 am, the birds are being put into their homes and you might get a picture with one on your arm!

Pool: make sure the place you stay has access to a pool (most do) that's pretty much our activity for the week.


Cabazon: Great outlets. Michael Kors, Saks, Ralph Lauren etc, etc. We hit a President's Days sale - great deals!

El Paseo: Many high end shops that are out of my range, but you have to check out the new Kate Spade store. Drippping with pink beauties!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovin these Gorgeous Clutches!

I was chatting with a friend of mine who is getting married this summer about wedding items. Yesterday's topic was bouquets and she was thinking it would be fun to do something different and mentioned maybe the bridesmaids hold a clutch. I immediately thought of these stunning Cory Renee clutches that I first spotted on Bijou and Boheme and have been drooling over for months now. I've also seen pictures where she's customized them for weddings with just the right fabric and colours. How perfect! I think it would be tres chic to hold a clutch down the isle instead of a bouquet! Okay, I may have a bit of selfish intentions since I am a bridesmaid, and hey, would love a clutch - but that aside, I still love them and that leopard one really should be mine soon and maybe the yellow too! Enjoy....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get Crafty!

Crafty, I am not. But I really admire those that are and wish I had more of the craft gene. Having a young daughter, I think doing crafts is a great activity to do together. Well, I came across a craft on one of my favourite blogs - Me Oh My and I think I might be able to do this one. It's a wreath for valentines day and I love the Kate Spade look it has going on. From the instructions, she bought the wreath at a local craft store, got some red yard and wrapped it around, add a bow and voila! Not sure if it's quite that simple for a girl like me, but I may give it a shot. I thought this was a great valentines project. Keep me posted if you give it a try. Enjoy...

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Sarah Richardson Dining Room...LOVE!

If you read my blog, you know I have a love, or could be called slight obsession, with Sarah Richardson. This goes back many years for me and with Sarah 101 on the air, it continues! I noticed she is using a lot more vintage items and colour than in the past and it looks amazing. Here is just a couple quick shots of a recent dining room she did. I will try and dig up more photos. The wallpaper is dreamy! Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lovin this Jewellery..

This post is mostly so my biggest blog fan (aka: my hubby) might see and take a bit of a hint. I came across this jewellery by Laura Lombardi and I'm smitten. As I continue my quest of finding my personal style I think these lovelies have me written all over them. Enjoy...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cowhide Rug - still okay?

I have wanted a cowhide rug for a while. To be honest I've been too insecure to buy one. Is it really me? Is it overdone? Is the fact that you can now buy a cowhide rug at Ikea means it's allure has changed? I'm not sure. Last year, we did a home exchange of our place in Vancouver to a home in Malibu. There was a lady selling cowhide rugs on the beach and I tried to convince my husband that slepping it on the plane would be a good idea. Well, this idea didn't fly but I still think about that rug and the home we stayed in had 2 of them and it looked great! I have a wide hallway and I'm considering a cowhide. It would be a bit unexpected in my place, but maybe that would be it's charm. What do you think of the cowhide? Enjoy...