Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thinking Fall Fashion

I know, lots of people get excited over fall. The change of season, leaves falling, blah, blah, blah. I'm not one of those people. I actually get very bummed that summer is over and I find the change of season and shorter days challenging.

But...there are 2 things that excite me. Fall TV and fashion! With limited time and limited closet space I need to be more thoughtful with what I buy and my goal is to love every piece of clothing I own. Lofty goal :-). So when looking for fall inspiration here are things I dream about and things I'm obsessing about right now.

First up, is Smythe jackets. I dream of owning one. I first saw them years ago when Sarah Richardson wore them on her show and now they keep popping up in my life taunting me. I think I'm going to make it a goal to own one this year. The quality, fit and style are timeless. And now to my obsessing. I'm kinda in love with Zoe Karssen t-shirts. So soft, comfy and cute. I've been starting a mini collection this summer. Enjoy...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Emotional Cleansing followed by some Inspiration...

Well, we moved. And let me just say...moving sucks! No matter how organized you are it is still an emotionally, physically and I'll go as for to say spiritually draining process. To top it off me and the girlies all got the stomach flu at the same time. Not fun. Okay, enough of negative nelly and onto the real goods. We are back near our old neighbourhood in Vancouver and we are in love. Everything is at our finger tips and so many fun things I can walk to with the girls. And, I won't say we're out of boxes but for being here about 10 days we're doing pretty good.

I have also discovered I may have a new talent. I'm becoming a storage solution master. Moving from a big home to a small bungalow has it's space challenges. My hubby has been hard at work putting together many a unit so we can live comfortably. The irony is, we feel more organized then we ever have. How is this possible? It's been a 15 year cleansing (which is still happening) and we are trying to live only with what we: LOVE, NEED, USE. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and it feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders (and I'm hoping that will translate into a 5 pound weight loss for me too...ha, ha).

So, here are a few pics of inspiration that I have had for our new little love home and when I get this place a little more spruced up I'd love to share photos and tips as I learn.

First tip: if you have natural light - paint white. I painted the main floor (which is basically where we do all our living) a warm white and it created flow, light and airiness where every person who has come in has said how open and light it to my design obsessed ears!


My desk area is across from the kitchen and love the storage and feel of this one. via style at home

Looking at this picture again I realize my bedroom does reflect some of this. Wall sconces, light bedding, texture.

Obsessed with this picture. This is basically my colour palette. Via Etsy
I kept my tulip table and Louis style chairs but know deep down this scale of chair is right and I love the cowhide
via Pinterest (sorry, link was broken to original source?)

I have a little galley kitchen as well. Mine is more cream but I'm lusting after these stools I must find and dreaming of that floor one day too. Via my idol - Kelly Deck