Monday, January 27, 2014

Toughest Client Yet!

That's right, you heard it. I got 2 new clients last week. One of those clients is very difficult. She's demanding, opinionated and has kick ass taste! Yes, it's my 5 year old daughter Isabella.

While working on a couple design boards last week she started telling me that she wanted her room decorated. This was one of those moments where I could have just said, ya...ya and kinda swept it under the rug but instead I decided to dig deeper. We went on Pinterest and flipped through a few magazines while she showed my her signature 'style.'

Nothing was too much of surprise. She is quite girly, she loves pink and she is a collector of many things so wants/needs unique spots for all her little treasures. If I had my ways I probably would have went a bit of a different decorating direction but I aim to please my clients.:-)

So, I've set us a challenge of $100 and using what we've already started, what is lurking in the basement and using some creative energy to see what we put together.

Here are the pics she decided for inspiration. Enjoy...

This one is her complete inspiration. She just likes everything. A pretty good start. I kinda want to girl it down a bit and luckily her other inspiration shots do this...

This one she picked for the treasures. As mentioned, she has treasures and wants them displayed. 

This one was picked for that fox on the wall. Pretty cute actually.  

This one was a love of the rug. I told you...the girl has kick-ass taste! 

Again, a place for the treasures. Love the idea of using old crates. 

The gold, the treasures, the pink, the flamingo...she likey. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lovin Some Large Art

One of the trends for 2014 is large art. I love it. That being said, I have just completed a couple gallery walls for clients and I still love this look and feel that it will always be timeless. But...back to the trend. What I love about it is the impact and I think it works really well in a small space as it's unexpected.

This is a trend I want to embrace in my home this year. I currently have a black ornate mirror above my couch and as much as I still love it I find the style of my home going a little less ornate, more sculptural, more simple, little hints of industrial and vintage.

Here are some images inspiring me lately. I love the work of Massimo Vitali. This would be my dream art/photography but probably isn't in the budget plan so I will keep my eyes open for where inspiration strikes.


Via: Apartment Therapy

Via: Coco and Kelley

Via: Desire to Inspire

Via: Elle Decor

Via: Elle Decor

Via: Style at Home

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Fun, Fresh Playroom E-Design

I want to "spruce-up" the playroom in my basement. For some reason when I'm doing something for myself it's much harder than for a client. There is a certain pressure where I can't have the ugliest playroom on the block! Right now it's a mix of what we didn't use upstairs and what fits into this small space. Yes, I think it is the ugliest playroom on the block.

I want it to be fun (duh!), eclectic (over-used word I know), cozy and a space that inspires creativity with my girls.

Here are a few E-Designs of playrooms that I've done recently and some Pinterest images that I have me thinking lately. As a fan of a pure white house, I do love colour, texture and energy for rooms with kids.  Enjoy!

Karla Dreyer Design

Karla Dreyer Design

Karla Dreyer Design

Like that this has adult furniture with a kid twist. Via: Anthology Magazine

Low shelf for books, wood toys, chalkboard wall - all must haves Via: thebooandtheboy

White with pops of colour Via: modern mommy blog

Bright fun art, craft area Via: Petit Tresors

I like these soft ikea baskets for toy storage

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 - What I'm Feelin...

The problem about having a blog is you can't help but be a blog world people pleaser. Should I post some thoughts on my 2014 goals etc or is that totally boring and narcissistic. I wasn't sure and then one of my favourite blogs Oh Joy, popped up with a new post on some resolutions and I thought this is a sign. I love reading what other people are up to so why not?

I've always been a big goal person but this year is different. Instead of goals I'm on a quest to form my activities of 2014 around how I want to feel. I read a fantastic book over the holidays - Fire Starter by Danielle LaPorte. The concept is if we can find out what our core desired feelings are and then do more things in our life to feel that way.

I want this to be my year of Inspiration and carry that through all aspects. Along with Inspired, my other core feelings are: Connected, Strong and Free.

So here's how that looks for 2014:

Inspired: I want to feel inspired in my work. I flippin love design and want to incorporate it more in my life. I want to surround myself with inspiring people. Authentic, happy, complicated people that are making it happen. I want to attend events, plan my weekends and find activities that are inspiring for me and my family.

Connected: My family. Want to be more present with my girls. Put down the phone and give committed time. I used to feel that to be a good mom I had to spend all my time with my kids. What I now know to be true for me is having time where it's present and connected goes way further in my household. It's about the quality of that time. I also want to have more date nights with my hubby and make sure we remember those 10 plus years we were together before babies. I want to be with friends who make me smile and I feel more whole when I walk away from our visits.

Strong: This one is 2 fold. Firstly, I want to feel literally strong - in the muscle sense. I want to work on my weight training and yoga to feel physically strong. I also want to feel mentally strong and able to handle situations with a strong mind-set.

Free: Ahh, love this one. I just added this a couple days ago but means a lot. I used to feel trapped to please everyone and everything without even knowing what I wanted. Freedom means having the choices to live what is authentic. I saw a great quote over the holidays "I'd rather be someones shot of whiskey, than everyone's cup of tea."

So there we go. There are some other specific things like eating better, flossing know!

Cheers to 2014!