Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Outfits: My Inspirations

The quest of figuring out our personal style. I have been on this life changing journey (okay, that's bit dramatic) but I have been pondering for a couple years what my personal style is. I want to buy fewer clothes, but have items that I wear often and love. I'm getting closer. This involved a huge closet clearing and very selective buying. I saw these pictures and for fall this is what I strive to be my personal style. So I'm channelling these pictures with my own twist. Enjoy...

I love this!!

Stripes, cropped blazer, long necklace - yes!

I like the white shirt under the cardi (never quite looks the same on me!?)

This is pretty much perfection to me....


  1. I always love anything Olivia (first pic) wears! She has amazing style!

  2. The first and last outfits are my favourites <3

  3. this is my style to a tee, love it :)

  4. that last outfit is just adorable..wish i could find some tall boots that fit my calves:(