Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Before and afters...get on it!

This is a note to myself. I worked on some great projects this year and a couple I will get professionally photographed and others I need to share! Doing design was a love, that became a hobby, that became what I feel meant to do. Even though part of my background is in Public Relations, I'm finding getting all set up on the back end more of the challenging part and would just like to work on projects. That being said I'm determined to start 2014 feeling 'happy' with the back end processes, social media etc.

 Please stick with me as I may show a few grainy photos, post things I will regret later and fumble my way around but sometimes you just got to do it (as Nike tells me?).

So...here is a before photo of a living room I worked on in Vancouver. Beautiful old home with a traditional feel. Here is the design board and yes, a grainy (getting close) to being an after shot. The client is going to redo the fireplace and then the styling will start. Enjoy!

The Before

The "almost" after

The Design Board