Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

Calm, serene with a hint of feminine
I keep thinking of something Oprah has said (well, I think of a lot of things Oprah has said) but this one has to do with your home. She has said that your home should "Rise to Meet you." Took me a bit to get this one but I now really get that if you don't have a place where you feel represents you, relaxes you and you look forward to being at - where else will you find that peace?

So, shouldn't our bedrooms adhere to that philosophy. I think we often neglect that room because it's not one many people see, but you do every day! I'm inspired this fall to add a few touches to my bedroom to make it feel more of a sanctuary. I posted this picture as I really liked the light colour, adds of sparkle, the white bench and mix-matched side tables.

Here is a good little article on some simple tips with sources of things we can do to update our bedrooms. Enjoy...

PS: One little thing I've started doing is adding just a few white roses in my room. I have a love for roses you can see here.

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