Monday, October 25, 2010

Obsessing: Over a Plant? Really.

Green thumb? Not quite. I have learned a bit more in the past 3 years about outdoor gardening, when we purchased our first home with a yard, but that time also brought a little babe, so time was limited. As for indoor plants - I honestly don't think I've ever had one. I did get an orchid as a housewarming (that lasted about 3 weeks) but that's about it. Anyway...I'm obsessed with this plant. I must have one. I have the perfect spot for it. I have called numerous gardening shops hunting down this special beauty...a Fiddleleaf Fig Tree! It's tall, it's lean and look at those big dark green leafs (yes, I'm talking about a plant still). I've never obsessed over a plant, but this one has me hooked. It's supposed to be easy to care for (keep you posted on that one). Once this beauty is in my family room will share a pic. What do you think of the Fiddlehead Fig Tree? Enjoy...

I need to find a basket like this one for it.

Can I have this living room along with the plant please.

So perfect.

2 of them together look good as well!

Have I converted you to the Fiddleleaf? Love to hear your thoughts...Enjoy!


  1. I have been wanting one for awhile now!

  2. Isn't it such a cool plant! I hope you get yourself one too.

  3. Just found your blog link through Bryn Alexandra's (I too am new to the blog world)- I've enjoyed browsing your posts! and this plant totally caught my attention- I'm loving it! I totally want one for my living room! Thanks for the inspiration!