Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Nursery to Little Girls Room

We recently moved to a new home. It's been a fun but slow process personalizing the space to our family. I've come up with the concept - if I can't find the right thing, just leave it until you do. AKA - that means a lot of unfinished rooms! 2 year old daughter's room fits in that category right now. She is still in a crib (which I really don't ever want to end) but I haven't set up her room yet as it seems she is on the cusp of having a big girls room (well, if you know my daughter - she's a little gal who seems to have an old soul!). I'm on the hunt for some inspiration for her room, haven't quite found it yet but did find some cute kid room photos I thought were worth sharing. Enjoy...

I love the little side table

I think all kids love bunk beds 

This room has a lot going on, but shelves are on my must have list

What do you think - I want to paint the door and add an "I"


  1. thanks for your comment and letting me know about the photo!

    it is so fun to create spaces for kids - good luck!

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback and coming to my blog! Have a wonderful weekend...

  3. I love the painted door idea my dear but be careful with the bunk bed. Hailey has one and even at 5 she has those nights where she's scared of what's underneath. Maybe she's just dramatic! :)

  4. I love the top picture it is sooo sweet!

    bunk beds scare me there is so much mischief to be got up to on bunk beds such as pretending to be Mary Poppins or parachute guy and jumping off either with umbrella or sheet! But hose are indeed quite cute.

    Saying hello from Paula's (two ellies site)

  5. love the garlands and def. do the painted door and initial thing!! my baby is 9 months and i am still trying to finish her nursery!!

  6. Hey... really wanted to contact you regarding this image you have used in this blog.

    Im from india and we really want to use the image(the top most image).
    Can you please let me know from where have you taken this picture, which site.. the source.

    It will be really helpful! thank you sooooooo much!! :D :D :D

    n you an awesomme blog! :D :D

  7. Thanks for your comment! I'm sorry, I've deleted that photo and can't remember the source. I've gotten much better at sourcing these days :-). Have a great weekend...