Monday, October 11, 2010

The "Uniform" - Going out Style

The Dinner Out Ensemble!

In my quest to share things that are fun and appeal to ladies and particularly mom's I thought of a new section called: The Uniform. I have always loved fashion. I have thought about, obsessed about it, purchased way too much, regretted many purchases and have come to the conclusion that the right outfit can make a difference in your day (as shallow as that may sound!). I also have realized that since becoming a mom my time to shop, try on outfits and not to mention body style have all changed. 

I read once that Gwyneth Paltrow (whom I love and feel we some how are kindred spirits...I know, keep dreaming) creates a "uniform" that she sticks to and builds upon. What a great idea and approach! As an attempt to follow one of my fashion guru's I'm attempting my own staple of uniforms. The first edition is one that I wore to a family dinner party but thought it was worth sharing. The reason? It's simple, comfortable, feminine and a look I think we can all create and add our own flair too. Not too fancy, not to boring. 

Here's the breakdown:

Dress/Tunic: from Paris (really it is, my mom purchased it) but you can also find at H&M (shhh....)
Jeans: Gap (got these on sale for $29.99 in Whistler - great stretch, fit and price)
Necklace: Holt Renfrew (struck a good sale day a couple years back)
Shoes: Seychelles (like the classic 50's style which I heard is back in)

Some additions you could add...a motorcycle jacket, or a simple cardigan, flat boots instead of heals or leggings instead of jeans.

This flowy tunic style is great for camouflaging those "mommy areas!"

To me....this is casual (but still want some style) look for dinners or an evening out. I'll get better with the photography for you too! Enjoy...

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