Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update on my March - September Goals

So, in March, I decided to forget the resolutions I made in December and come up with a list of things I wanted to do from March to September. These items were very different than the serious life planning goals I usually make. The reason I chose until September is I have a new little one arriving that month and I think I'll have to start a new list at that time (yikes!). So, this self indulgent post has nothing to do with a lovin it item, clothing or decor - though I have included my new favourite lipstick that is close to that orangy/red that I'm seeing in all the fashion mags lately. Here is the update on how I'm doing with each item:

1. Spend an afternoon at the library with my daughter-Not done yet, but we enrolled in an Art class this week and are having a blast!
2. Learn to use the BBQ - not really bbq weather yet!
3. Finish decorating our bedroom on a budget - have added new lamps, painted our dresser, new pics
4. Hang pictures in our basement - Done...yeah!
5. Start up yoga again - Monday is yoga night and I love it so much
6. Make my office a bit more pretty now that I work from home a bit - did get a bookshelf, some accessories, but still needs some work. Fresh flowers are needed badly.
7. Go for many after dinner walks - Yes, this is the best!
8. Ride my bike with my daughter every Saturday or Sunday - we tried once, but she didn't like her helmet and that was that for now.
9. Finish at least 2 books from book club - I did finish one (finally) but had to jam on book club this week, darn it!
10.Write weekly in my journal I started for my daughter - have to do this!
11. Print and hang some of the many disorganized photos - I'm overwhelmed a bit with this one.
12. Learn to use my camera better - I did buy a new lens, purchased a groupon for a 3 hour class and am seriously considering an 8 week course starting in May.
13. Start the transformation of a "big girl" room for my daughter - not yet, but we have the bed.
14. Plan less and let the magic of spontaneity happen! I suck at this one and am feeling it. Our next free weekend is about 6 weeks from now. I need some guidance!

Okay, here is that lipstick I was talking about. This colour may not be for everyone, but I'm lovin it right now...

Revlon's Cha Cha Cherry!

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