Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Dress - I couldn't resist!

I really need to start setting some boundaries around shopping. It's not that I'm going crazy or anything, but I'm over 5 months pregnant and thinking this really isn't the time to be buying clothes and a good time to save on a "post-baby, shed some pounds, shopping spree!" But...I received one of those discounted online shopping emails, got suckered into browsing (I try to delete most days) and couldn't resist this dress. And come on...I saved something like 80% off! I love a bargain. Always a bit risky as you don't know how it will actually fit, but I pictured some great summer weather and this being the ideal throw on dress with flip flops and can be dressed up with heals for summer bbq's and events. I'm hoping the pattern will be flattering and not highlight my growing "assets." So after all that is my not needed, but had to have purchase. Cute right? Enjoy...

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