Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Years Goals in March?

I can't believe we're already 2 months into 2011. I feel like everything I set out in December has already changed and I need to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with what I want to accomplish/do/learn etc this year. I have been feeling under the weather and bogged down with work the past little while where I've lost the fun factor of the simple things lately. I was reading the blog Enjoying the Small Things which always gives me a kick in the butt to get out of my funk and focus on all the fun things around me. So in an attempt to start my 2011 list again of things I want to do/learn/achieve - I'm going to put it out there to blog land and keep you posted on my progress. I'm keeping this list simple and fun (unlike my usual very serious goal setting). So here goes my list from now until the end of summer. Wish me luck!

1. Spend an afternoon at the library with my daughter (my dear friend M.H. inspired me on this one)
2. Learn to use the BBQ
3. Finish decorating our bedroom on a budget
4. Hang pictures in our basement
5. Start up yoga again
6. Make my office a bit more pretty now that I work from home a bit
7. Go for many after dinner walks (once time change hits)
8. Ride my bike with my daughter every Saturday or Sunday
9. Finish at least 2 books from book club (I'm a slacker)
10.Write weekly in my journal I started for my daughter
11. Print and hang some of the many disorganized photos we have (organizing will be for another time!)
12. Learn to use my camera better
13. Start the transformation of a "big girl" room for my daughter
14. Plan less and let the magic of spontaneity happen! (yes, I'm the type to fill up the calendar and think of making plans instead of wondering what I want/need to do)

Wish me luck...


  1. GOOD LUCK my dear to you and to me too: 9 of your 14 list are the same for me!!!!

  2. It is true there is NEVER enough time in the day, especially once you have children! Your March resolutions sound lovely darling!