Thursday, March 31, 2011

My New Hobby!

It is considered a hobby when you think about something often, look forward to it, get a slight high from it - and can shopping qualify? Okay, not just any shopping, my new hobby (or slightly new obsession, whatever) is vintage shopping! Ironically, I used to live one block off the vintage shopping mecca of Vancouver and now that I've moved I find myself drawn back to this area for the vintage finds. On my way to a doctors appointment yesterday, I made a slight detour and found some great items. My photos don't do them justice (yes, I NEED to take a photography course!), but I love adding these pieces, that could probably tell an interesting, story to our home. Here's a few of my latest finds. Hobby to be continued...Enjoy!

I love this cute, vintage picture of a little girl gardening for my daugher's room

And...I really love the price!

A nice milk glass vase for my growing collection in my kitchen

And, yes he looks a little rough, but this chair is so cute in my kitchen and is the right shade of blue.

It's got character!

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