Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ikea: It's a Love/Hate Thing...

I have had a list of things I needed to get at Ikea for about 4 months now. I seem to avoid going there. The crowded parking lot, the hunt through the endless maze to find what you're looking for and inevitably, the huge total my bill ends up being! Well, it happened again. I went with a specific list, items I "needed" and drove away with a packed car being very careful of any turns I took as a box might end up bonking me on the head. On the positive side...Ikea has some great stuff. I went through a time where I banned Ikea as I wanted to have some more quality items. I now love incorporating their products into my home. Here are  few things I found that I love mixed with other decor. I don't think they scream "Ikea." Enjoy...

This pillow was so nice, velvet texture, feather filled and I think under $30!

This one would look great with the pillow above.

Nice textured throw blanket

I know the curtain quality is not always the greatest, but these were very nice and they're my colours!

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  1. Hi! Interior design has been a passion of mines for quite some time- but I have a confession. I have never been to IKEA. I know those two statements dont go together, but its true! I haven't been for the exact reasons you mentioned- crowded, the maze, etc. I just need to go already! Cute stuff!