Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Rocker has Arrived!

And I love it! A while back, I posted some inspiration shots of the tulip rocker that I wanted for my daughters room. Well, I scored a fantastic deal on one and it's now our favourite place for story time. I added a sweet little LOVE pillow. This chair is perfect for mom and dad and is low enough that it will grow into a great chair for my daughter as well. Enjoy...


  1. Oh love it. With the pillow it looks perfect in that little corner.

  2. cool! lovely greetings

  3. love it! i have one in my son's room!

  4. Hey Karla!
    I am Karl Straky's wife, Jill, a fellow blogger, and Colin told Karl you had one, so I thought I'd look you up! Congrats...looove the chair, very classic and chic for a child's room.
    Will stop in again!