Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Bags!

Love Bags!

While doing some very important bag browsing....I was discouraged to see most of the purses that caught my eye were around the $1,000 mark. As I'm one for wanting a certain look and do believe in the value of quality, there is also nothing like a good deal. So in the 6 bags is from H&M for a fraction of the cost and still very chic! Can you guess which one? (hint...bottom left) Enjoy...


  1. I also have a nack for picking the most expensive item :) such a great score with h&m!

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  3. Gorgeous! Just wanted to let you know I've listed you in my 10 blogs for the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  4. These are all gorgeous - including the budget-friendly option! It's a rare treat when a cheap one is equally fantastic - I tend to have expensive whims too.
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  5. They're all fabulous.. and the H&M one for fitting in so well, it's gorgeous :) x