Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Recap: A day late

I know, it's Tuesday but we can still do a weekend re-cap right?! January is usually my most dreaded month but this one seems to be different. My daughter has started preschool, I've made some new goals for the year and strangely I feel I sense of longer days around the corner (even though there is snow on the ground right now!). This past weekend we had a fun evening with some of our favourite friends. We had crab and a simple pasta. The kids made their own pizza. Good food and laughs. My friends are much better photographers than I am (New Years goal!) so I thought I'd share some weekend re-cap photos. Enjoy...

Table set for some good eats...

This crab is from Granville Island in Vancouver - delicious!!

Pasta so simple: garlic, cherry tomatoes, green onion, red wine vinegar and parsley

What a cutie and one of the most stylish little gals I know...

My daughter idolizing her older buddy....too cute!


  1. crab Legs and simple pasta, I will be coming to your house for dinner soon!

  2. Your table looks great Karla! The pasta sounds delish and you really can't go wrong with Granville Island crab:)