Monday, January 27, 2014

Toughest Client Yet!

That's right, you heard it. I got 2 new clients last week. One of those clients is very difficult. She's demanding, opinionated and has kick ass taste! Yes, it's my 5 year old daughter Isabella.

While working on a couple design boards last week she started telling me that she wanted her room decorated. This was one of those moments where I could have just said, ya...ya and kinda swept it under the rug but instead I decided to dig deeper. We went on Pinterest and flipped through a few magazines while she showed my her signature 'style.'

Nothing was too much of surprise. She is quite girly, she loves pink and she is a collector of many things so wants/needs unique spots for all her little treasures. If I had my ways I probably would have went a bit of a different decorating direction but I aim to please my clients.:-)

So, I've set us a challenge of $100 and using what we've already started, what is lurking in the basement and using some creative energy to see what we put together.

Here are the pics she decided for inspiration. Enjoy...

This one is her complete inspiration. She just likes everything. A pretty good start. I kinda want to girl it down a bit and luckily her other inspiration shots do this...

This one she picked for the treasures. As mentioned, she has treasures and wants them displayed. 

This one was picked for that fox on the wall. Pretty cute actually.  

This one was a love of the rug. I told you...the girl has kick-ass taste! 

Again, a place for the treasures. Love the idea of using old crates. 

The gold, the treasures, the pink, the flamingo...she likey. 

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