Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lovin Some Large Art

One of the trends for 2014 is large art. I love it. That being said, I have just completed a couple gallery walls for clients and I still love this look and feel that it will always be timeless. But...back to the trend. What I love about it is the impact and I think it works really well in a small space as it's unexpected.

This is a trend I want to embrace in my home this year. I currently have a black ornate mirror above my couch and as much as I still love it I find the style of my home going a little less ornate, more sculptural, more simple, little hints of industrial and vintage.

Here are some images inspiring me lately. I love the work of Massimo Vitali. This would be my dream art/photography but probably isn't in the budget plan so I will keep my eyes open for where inspiration strikes.


Via: Apartment Therapy

Via: Coco and Kelley

Via: Desire to Inspire

Via: Elle Decor

Via: Elle Decor

Via: Style at Home

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