Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Fun, Fresh Playroom E-Design

I want to "spruce-up" the playroom in my basement. For some reason when I'm doing something for myself it's much harder than for a client. There is a certain pressure where I can't have the ugliest playroom on the block! Right now it's a mix of what we didn't use upstairs and what fits into this small space. Yes, I think it is the ugliest playroom on the block.

I want it to be fun (duh!), eclectic (over-used word I know), cozy and a space that inspires creativity with my girls.

Here are a few E-Designs of playrooms that I've done recently and some Pinterest images that I have me thinking lately. As a fan of a pure white house, I do love colour, texture and energy for rooms with kids.  Enjoy!

Karla Dreyer Design

Karla Dreyer Design

Karla Dreyer Design

Like that this has adult furniture with a kid twist. Via: Anthology Magazine

Low shelf for books, wood toys, chalkboard wall - all must haves Via: thebooandtheboy

White with pops of colour Via: modern mommy blog

Bright fun art, craft area Via: Petit Tresors

I like these soft ikea baskets for toy storage

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