Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year - A New Powder Room?

I love making goals and resolutions. I used to basically write a book, with yearly goals and then break them down quarterly, monthly, weekly etc. I wee obsessive some might say and it actually caused me a bit of angst. The past few years, I've kept the goals much simpler and have been personally focused - you know things like start doing yoga again, learn to meditate etc, etc. Along with my journey of personal development are a few projects I'd like to get done around our home. One of these is re-doing our powder room. I have always disliked it's dark feel and want to create something that reflects the rest of the house. My hubby says he can do some of the labour (hmm...we'll see?). So, I've started on a bit of a search for inspiration. I'd like wallpaper as I think it's a great space to do something a little bold. I'm leaning toward a simple pedestal sink as we don't really need storage and a definite is going to be some great sconces. Here are a few pics that have caught my attention. If you know of any great powder rooms out there, please let me know! Enjoy...

Bold wallpaper, simple mirror

Kinda digging the black

This is my favourite so far. I love the wallpaper and sconces

Could go with a more ornate mirror

This is Sarah Richardson and I love anything she does. Like the idea of a little pedestal table.

Calm feel to this bathroom

Thinking about this wallpaper - nice calming colours but still bold?

Images via pinterest


  1. oooh! New powder room! And hubby's on board?? This is a decorator's dream!! Haha! Have you checked out Pinterest for some great powder room ideas? That would be the first place I would start...your inspirations are lovely so far!!

  2. That's great you are taking on the powder room! I am partial to wallpaper in a powder room. You can really add some personality to a little room meant for quick visits:) Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog today:)


  3. Thanks for visiting my little blog!:) Now I've found yours! Always so lovely to "meet" another fellow Vancouverite! I love your style.....and can't wait to see what you do with your powder room! Your little pumpkins are so cute too! Love that Gwen Stefani line for Target! Oh how I yearn to buy girl clothing!!

  4. I love these images and a powder room is the perfect place to use a favorite wallpaper. Can't wait to see yours!!