Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Home Lovin...

You know when you're drawn to something but it's not your 'normal' so you don't take note that this may be something you like or a reason you're drawn to it. Or am I making no sense here? I'm probably making no sense so let me explain. Over the past year I really have come to notice what seems true for me in life. Whether that be things I enjoy with my family, hobbies, activities, what and who makes me joyful etc, etc. So this rant now comes down to something quite frivolous. I'm realizing that my style in home decor seems to be taking a bit of a shift. A shift I've been in denial of (oh, the drama! :).

I'm inspired lately by a more eclectic look. Maybe it has to do with the fact we have little girlies and I kinda think the constant chaos happening in my house might blend in with this look. Here are a few photos that were on Danielle Oakey's blog from Lonny that have inspired me to get out of my 'style denial' and put it out there that I'm having some home lovin over this look. Do you like? Enjoy...

All white (as I love it) and my favourite thing is the kids art work hung by the bed, how perfect!

Open shelving - need me some open shelving.

Great wall paper and art wall

Love the low bookshelf along the wall and the mix of textures in this room

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