Monday, December 17, 2012

The Right Chandelier!

I'm on the hunt. The hunt for the right chandelier for some very dear and cool friends. Actually, the husband has put in the request, and since I don't get a lot of 'hubby requests' I feel an added pressure to find the perfect fit. As some of our favourite peeps, I would describe their style as a little mid century, a little industrial, a little eclectic and also warm and inviting. Currently they have a chandelier that says "glamour" and as I'm working on a few "glamour" projects right now it's fun to switch gears to something a little more edgy. I thought this was a good way to show H&K what I found (and get a blog post). Enjoy!

PS: I have a little confession. I'm addicted to Instagram. Yes, it's true. I've tried to stay away from all the
'look how great my life is' stuff on Facebook but Instagram has me hooked. You can find me at karlaldreyer. I will try to keep it real!

The direction I got was industrial. Se here we have it. I likey. via CB2

For a long table this one is very cool. To amp it up even more you could have 2 of them (10 lights) via CB2

Little hard to see on the photo but this is unique and industrial. via Parliament

You can't go wrong with this one and comes in different finishes. Love the brass inside. via Restoration Hardware

This one is sort of space like but fun. via Restoration Hardware

I saw a great knock off of this one at Homesense! via Restoration Hardware

Definitely a statement piece. One of my faves. via Chinz and Co.

They also are looking for a new table. This one comes in a couple different sizes and I love. It's by The Novagratz (look them up - I'm obsessed). It's so family friendly and cool. Via CB2

But I think this table is so very them. I can see it in their place and love it! Via CB2

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