Monday, October 22, 2012

MK - I Love You!

Who is MK? My man...Michael Kors! :-) I have been a huge fan of his clothing, bags and accessories for years and my love just keeps on growing. I just got back from a fantastically fun girls shopping weekend in Seattle. We had a great time hitting the shopping trails and realized we're not much of night owls anymore ending up with 3 large pizza's and vino in our room at 8PM - a perfect evening actually!

Okay, back to Michael (Kors that is...). I scored a beautiful and functional sweater with toggles that will be my go-to for this fall. I pulled out my brown MK bag from last winter and feel ready to go. I love his mix of classic with the trends. Here are a few of some my other faves. Enjoy...

Cream belted coat...lovely!

Love the colour and shape for the season

Kinda addicted to a cross body bag

Hello beautiful cuff

Love this dress! Black panels...very slimming

Pavee bracelet, beauty

Rockin a little leather

Python - the new classic

This this  might be my fave - a studded dress!

Skinnies and a toggle sweater - Love

Classic with the colour of the season

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  1. Hi there, haven't stopped by in a while, sorry... :)
    LOVE MK as well, and his clothes fit really well, so I am a fan for sure!

    Have a great weekend !