Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year...New Style?

Warning: This post feels a bit narcissistic for a people pleaser like myself but it's what I'm doing right now after my 2 babes are in bed, with a glass of vino at my computer. One of my so called goals this year was to simplify things. I literally want to clear everything out of our house and start fresh. It's not that I don't like the items, I just want to live a little more simply. This also applies to my 'style.' I like a lot of different styles and fashion. I used to be in the corporate world which required one kind of look, I then moved to motherhood where I'm not really sure where that look landed, and I'm now venturing out to explore my creative side so time to be that in every way possible. 

I don't have the time I used to get dressed in the morning. This is how it goes down - I have my 4 year old completely redecorating my bedroom and my 1 year old crying at my leg and both wanting to put on my lipgloss? This gives me about 15 minutes or so. Knowing this is where I'm at in my life I've decided to change a couple things. One being I'm going to embrace the curly hair that I have been resisting all my life and the second being I'm going to have a 'uniform' for daily life - mom and work. I saw this recent pic and I'm going to channel the look - jeans, button-ups, fun jewerly and effortless looking hair. When searching for hair inspiration, I seem to have come across one that stands out...can you tell? She too has the curly locks and I'm going to give them a bit of a go. I should mention that my hubby has been telling me to do this for years. So now that I've completely bored you with my self absorbed we is my new look! What a loser :-) Enjoy...

Friends, don't mock me when you see my in the uniform next time :-)


Natural waves I'm channelling you!

This is I guess the same shot but just hammering home my style

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  1. I love this style and philosophy. The hair inspiration is gorgeous!