Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Space for Me!

So, I'm thinking I need a space. Just a little space that is all mine. Somewhere I can look through blogs, keep some of my favourite decor magazines, have pictures I adore, always display fresh flowers etc, etc. I'm thinking I can create this little 'oasis' in our master bedroom. There is a space just inside the door that has no use right now and might fill the need of this little get-away spot. I may have to put a fence around it to keep my daughter from rearranging daily though (she thinks she is a decorator and literally 'redecorates' my home daily!).

I came across this picture on Cove and Grey blog and I really love everything about it. The colours, calmness, texture. The way the desk is placed is how I picture it looking in my bedroom. Maybe another project to add to the list? Enjoy...

via Cove and Grey

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