Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kids Art - LOVE this idea!

Yesterday my girlfriend was over for a playdate with the little ones. Both our oldest kids are in preschool and we are amazed at all the "art" that is coming home - and were discussing what the heck to do with it all!? I'm in the midst of creating a craft room (more on that later) and have a couple ideas for all my beautiful kid art but nothing that was too exciting until I saw this idea! Designer Jan Eleni has done the most brilliant thing. She took pictures of all the art and then shrunk it down to fit in one large frame/piece of art. It looks so fresh and is a keepsake you could pass down to your children. Now, the logistics of it all I will have to work on but this is going on that long to do list of "projects." Here's how it looks. Fantastic heh! Enjoy...

Jan Eleni


  1. I just started scanning all of my oldest boy's art so I could do this exact project!!!

    1. Keep me posted how it goes!! Such a great idea...

  2. Seen this poster before and I just adore it! I took inspiration from this one and started scanning all of my daughters artwork and will one day soon create a hardcover photo book with it all. I'm thinking one book for each year of her childhood. BTW... nice to see you today!!