Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lovin the 'Girls Trip!'

When my little Presley was born we were ecstatic to hear Isabella would have a sister! I'm pretty much a girly girl and one of my immediate thoughts to now having 2 daughters was all the fun "girl trips" we can do throughout the years. Dreaming of a little NYC, some San Fran, Seattle and going to plays, the ballet (you get the idea). Well, they are only 3 years old and 5 months but we had our first 'girl trip' to Palm Desert with their grandma (my mom). Honestly, travelling with 2 babes is a bit exhausting but they were both very good. We did lots of shopping, bird watching, swimming and even managed to get in a few happy hours! Here is a snapshot through Instagram (love that program!). Can't wait for many more "girl trips" in our future - my 3 year old is hooked on this idea! Enjoy...

Getting kids to both look? How is it done?

Grandma and Isabella enjoying the zoo

ahh again, they both are looking down :-) Beautiful sunshine and scenery - I miss it!!

All dolled up for dinner out. Thanks to my friend LD for the adorable dress!

Sitting in a stroller without carseat for first time. This was perfect for those 'happy hours!"

Lots of sister lovin! My 3 year old is an amazing big sis - I'm so proud

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  1. Oh my word cutest little girls ever! Lovely photos... ahh they are way to cute! I hope you guys had so much fun..looked like you did :)