Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This word keeps popping up for me. When thinking of how I want to feel at home, work, relationships the word inspired comes to mind. I search it out. I feel on a bit of a quest to surround myself with things, experiences and people that make me feel, yes...inspired.

I am going to try and focus this blog for 2014 on what I find interesting and I hope through that it will give you a little inspiration too.

So first up, here's what is inspiring me on the home front. Back in September, the amazing Kelly Deck, spoke at the IDS West show and explained how she started a sort of vision board of how she wanted her home to feel. This wasn't a picture of a certain kitchen or light fixture but a feeling. I was very inspired by this and started "pinning" my own vision board. I have tried not to think too much about it and what's interesting is a really notice a pattern. I am drawn to a neutral palette, texture, simplicity. And I notice myself removing things from my home and replacing with this feel more.

Here is my vision board. I hope you Enjoy...

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Via: Etsy

Via: Heather Ross Natural Eclectic

Via: Emma's Blog

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