Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New House and Flamingos?

Finally! Almost 9 months and 71 showings and our home has sold! Anyone thinking of selling in a down market, you may want to think again. That being said, we are so excited to sell and move back to the city.  With 4 weeks to move we were looking for a rental and by fluke called on a house in a neighbourhood we've been lusting over. The open house had been packed and we were sure this house was gone for a ridiculous price over list. Well, it was available! We threw in an offer and it's ours. A cute little 'cream puff' bungalow in the city.

So, this means you get to come on my decorating journey. Whether you like it or not :). The house is half the size of our current home and we may rent out part of the basement which means an even smaller space. We have sold most of our furniture and I'm excited about creating a space where we must use all it's square footage. Time to get a little creative.

First up - the girls room. They will be sharing a room until they are old enough to move to into their own rooms in the basement. My 5 year old is beyond excited about the idea of bunk beds. Our inspiration for the room...flamingos! They love flamingos and luckily West Elm had the most adorable print which is our jumping off point. Here are a few more ideas. Enjoy...

Our new digs!

The adorable inspiration for the girls room

Still love this idea....

Fabric options

Pillow fabric

Some shabby chic bedding

Love this idea of a big photo of the girls in their room


  1. It was nice to meet you tonight Karla. Can't wait to follow your decor journey!

  2. So excited for you!!! The new house looks great! Love the girls room inspiration too.