Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Dream Home

Moving is on my mind...a lot! Even though the move has not happened, I dream of the decorating. I have also realized how much my style has changed when I notice what I gravitate towards now. Much more clean lines, modern and simple. I still like 'stuff' but I do have a goal to live with less of it and in a simpler way to enjoy my family.

One of my dream places was a the home of designer Nancy Riesco feautured in the June issue of House and Home magazine. Love all the natural light, the airy-ness and whimsy to this home. Now, realistically with house prices in Vancouver I might end up living in a shed somewhere but a girl can dream. Enjoy!


  1. Such beautiful spaces! I agree, the natural lighting makes it perfect! Love the detail in each room, and the clean/crisp feel throughout the whole house!
    Thanks for sharing xo

  2. Your dream house looks stunning! Who knows; maybe in few years, you could finally afford your dream house in Vancouver. For now, you could always turn your house into one that resembles your dream house. And you might even end up with something better and more to your liking, since you've made it happen yourself.

    Amos Daniel @ Jamie Hooper