Friday, June 22, 2012

Lovin' this Rug!

My mom and I have been working on decorating their Desert home. It's been a lot of fun and interesting to see how our opinions on things can be very similar and very different! Well, this one we were both in agreement on. I encouraged her to order this gorgeous rug for the dining room. Most of the time I'm not a huge fan of a rug in the dining room but if it's big enough and thin enough, I think it can work. She was in the desert last week and sent me these photos. I love the colour and pattern and think it adds a pop of fun to an otherwise quite neutral room. I guess we went against all the design "rules" ordering the rug last but it worked out well. Lovin' this rug! Enjoy...


  1. Totally agree! That rug adds excitement and fun to a room!

  2. Such gorgeous movement and those pops of yellow are perfectly picked up in those tabletops vessels! Brilliant fun and fresh for summer!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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