Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh To Dream...

I had, what I might call, a perfect afternoon last week. I visited our local Lottery Show Home followed by a tapas lunch at one of my favourite restaurants (and my littlest babe slept peacefully the entire time!). This show home is across the street from the water and was designed by the amazing Kelly Deck. The pictures almost don't do it justice - so if you live in the Vancouver/White Rock area it's a must see! The kitchen is a total dream for me and the master bedroom and bath is out of this world. I'm not much of a homebody but if I lived in this house you could never get me to leave! Here are some dream worthy pics of what I've been drooling about. Enjoy...

Master Bath - the marble, the tile, the chandelier, need I say more! Oh yes, all with an ocean view...

This is the master bedroom - I could live in just this space!

The elegant dining room

The kitchen - I'm so in love. I'm imagining cooking here with my favourite people relaxing at the Island...sigh!

Another shot...ohhh, that marble!

I love that there are 2 seating areas, one for TV watching the other for entertaining, so smart!

Another angle - lots of grey, cream, brown. Sophisticated and comfy!


  1. OMG... stunning views!!! I love the kitchen / living room... such a cool furniture arrangement!

  2. Oh my, I've been meaning to go and now I know I need to go!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I remember commenting back and forth in the summer when we were pregnant together...was it about nurseries?! Anyway Ember was born just on Aug 30!! She was due sept 11 and part of me still wishes she was born in sept as my other two are aug and oct, would have been nice for the organizer OCD I just might have!! :)
    We should try to meet up sometime!! Email me if you ever want to meet for coffee or something!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!! Vote for Wayne Baldwin if you're living in white rock!! :)
    (father in law!)