Friday, October 21, 2011

My Lack of Blog Posts!

Is due to these two little cuties! Being a new mom to 2 little girls has been exhausting and all consuming but this past 7 weeks has been the best time of my life! I feel so lucky and can't wait to watch these sisters grow. Thanks to all our amazing friends and family who have brought us food, looked after our kids, cleaned up our kitchen and have been so excited to get to know our newest daughter.

Weekend Agenda: a visit with one of my favourite gals and her little ones, pizza making with my daughter and my girlfriend (might attempt to make homemade dough, we'll see?), some pumpkin carving (that will be on my hubby's agenda), a baby shower and hopefully a few things around the house (have some good blog posts on some fun new items soon!).

Have a wonderful weekend...Enjoy!


  1. Such adorable photos!! I think you have a pretty darned excuse! :-)
    Now me... I don't have 2 sweet angels home keeping me busy!

  2. Such gorgeous photos! I love the kiss one... way too cute!