Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby's Room - Time to get started!

Between work, my daughter, a busy couple of months of birthdays and occasions and feeling slightly ill  a lot of the time - I haven't dived into the fun stuff to prepare for our new baby yet. A couple months back, I put together some items of inspiration I wanted for the baby's room and I'm posting it so it will give me the kick in the butt to get going on it! It's gender neutral and I haven't included some of the items I have already picked up - we have a white crib, a white dresser I got off Craigs List which needs some fun accessories and I'm thinking of putting in a bookshelf for storage, we'll see? From this photo, I have checked off getting the light, the sheepskin and the rug (but moved it to another place in my home). Actually, I'm feeling better about my progress already!  Today I plan to get the paint sample - it's a funky, fresh green. I'll keep you posted. Enjoy...


  1. Great inspiration!! I am loving gray and yellow too and have been tempted to go that route...I think i have decided to go way more neutral than i have ever done before and play things safe with the new nursery!! and guess what?! we are practically neighbors..I also live in south surrey but always keep it vague on the blog as to where I am...i'm just paranoid that way! And I am about 8 months preg as well...when are you due?! I am guessing this is your 2nd? We are on our surprise third!
    thanks for stopping by the blog!