Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Painting!

We moved into our house last August (by the way that one year rule to get rid of all unpacked boxes will not apply to us - we need another year I think!?). We have 2 very large framed walls in the house - one was filled with 4 black and white pictures, the other was to be a painting by my very talented mother in law. It felt like a lot of pressure to come up with what kind of painting we would want for this space. It's huge and right near our front door so something we see many times a day and so do guests. We decided on a landscape painting. Not too modern but will stand the test of time. Well, last week she brought it over and we love it! It's beautiful, serene and the colours look amazing with the rest of the house. We're very proud to display this beautiful painting. Enjoy...