Thursday, April 24, 2014

Callin all my Girlfriends!

I saw this photo and was inspired to write this post. Partly because I've started watching the Sex And The City amazingness again and man, that show is classic. The story lines, the wardrobe and most of all the friendships are still just as relevant today.

What I love about this photo is the freedom. Girls together just having fun (yes, I guess that's why there's a famous song about this!). Anyway, as I get older (not too old, just maturing) I am becoming more clear about friendships and the value they hold. I have always been someone to have quite a few friends and some very long term friends - we are talking over 25 years - yikes! But as weird as this may sound, until recently I really learned about what a stress reliever friends can be. How when there is a give and take it feels so refreshing. 

I think this new found enjoyment has a lot to do with opening up more, sharing and being vulnerable. I'm also seeing the value of having different circles that relate to the different parts of ourselves as maybe mothers, career women, being active etc.

I am very thankful for the gals in my life and very conscious of all those relationships and the value they add to me and I hope the value I add to them. Now, let's go get a glass of wine ladies!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deliciously Complicated!

Today's blog is short and sweet. I saw this quote the other day and just love it. Getting to know the complicated parts of people is really getting to know who they are. Perfection is boring, pretending is see-through but complicated is raw and relatable. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Energize or Deplete You?

This is a very simple formula that kinda works with every aspect of your life. Does something Energize or Deplete you?

As someone who used to spend a lot of time on the Deplete side of things, I can tell you this makes a big difference. It's really all about energy. When I first really got this and probably the easiest way to test it out is with people. When you are around someone and leave the situation do you feel a bit better or like you need to go have a gin and tonic? If it's the latter, take note. When you do an activity, attend a class, a certain part of your job - we can notice where we feel a little bit lighter.

Saying no is very hard. I have a very common disease as I know many of you do as well - 'the need to please disease.' But what I'm slowing (and when I say slowly, I mean like a turtle) I am finding the more I can say yes to what feels like a 'Hell Ya' and leave the other stuff I am more focused on what really matters, find time for what fulfills me and feel fuller on the inside.

Don't get me wrong, every time I say that dreaded 'NO' word to something I brace myself as if the world may start crumbling. But so far, the world has kept on going (kidding of course on this) and it actually starts to feel like a world of more freedom and choices.

For the next week, let's all try and do the things that energize us and see if it makes a difference. Go with your gut, go with your feelings. If it fills you up, do it more. If it makes you feel a little less, try and do it just a little less.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ready for a Truthbomb?

It's Thursday and I'm holding to my commitment to post on what I'm finding inspiring, helpful and interesting in hopes you may too.

I had a few ideas swirling around and thinking which to start first. I then started watching a branding video and the speaker referred to Danielle LaPorte. There was my sign. Let's start with Danielle LaPorte.

Last year I kept hearing and seeing her name pop up. I was intrigued. I got her book at Christmas time and finished in about 3 days. For me this is a miracle as I was in a book club a few years ago and probably didn't actually finish 1 book (which I still get harassed about!). The book is called Fire Starter Sessions and it is about living by your core desires. Now, that description does not give it any justice, but I want to do a whole other post, or many posts, about all the good nuggets I got from it.

What I wanted to share today is go on to her website and sign up for what she calls her "Truthbombs." It's a daily little bomb of truth that feels like Danielle is talking directly to you. I know that not everyone might read a book, watch the seminars but you can get this which takes 10 seconds to read and I find lots of times what she has to say when I'm reading it usually around 6:30 am holds true to what I need to hear that day.

Here is one of my other favourites. Came to me at the exact right time. Enjoy...