Thursday, April 24, 2014

Callin all my Girlfriends!

I saw this photo and was inspired to write this post. Partly because I've started watching the Sex And The City amazingness again and man, that show is classic. The story lines, the wardrobe and most of all the friendships are still just as relevant today.

What I love about this photo is the freedom. Girls together just having fun (yes, I guess that's why there's a famous song about this!). Anyway, as I get older (not too old, just maturing) I am becoming more clear about friendships and the value they hold. I have always been someone to have quite a few friends and some very long term friends - we are talking over 25 years - yikes! But as weird as this may sound, until recently I really learned about what a stress reliever friends can be. How when there is a give and take it feels so refreshing. 

I think this new found enjoyment has a lot to do with opening up more, sharing and being vulnerable. I'm also seeing the value of having different circles that relate to the different parts of ourselves as maybe mothers, career women, being active etc.

I am very thankful for the gals in my life and very conscious of all those relationships and the value they add to me and I hope the value I add to them. Now, let's go get a glass of wine ladies!

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  1. I haven't known you for 25 years but happy to have met you and happy to continue to get to know you :) Girlfriends are the best!!!