Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love This Quote...

I was just about to hit send on my Thursday Blog Post and decided not. The reason...It felt inauthentic. I want to commit to my Thursday Inspirational Posts but I don't want to just post something that seems inspirational but I'm not feeling know what I mean?

So I deleted it and started over with something does feel inspiring to me.

I have been on the Oprah bandwagon reading Dr. Shefali's book Conscious Parenting. I haven't read a parenting book in quite a while, but this one is different. It's really more of a book to learn about your own self and in turn become more present with your kids. I relate to a lot of her writing and really recommend it!

On that note, I follow her on Facebook and yesterday saw a quote she posted on what she would tell her younger self. Here it is below. I love it. I think we all have this angst for things to happen. I have so many ideas and for some reason feel like they all have to happen tomorrow or they will just fade away. I found this comforting and I hope you do to...Enjoy!

"You will find your manifestation. Don’t be so restless. It’s going to come to you. I used to be so restless. I knew I had a message and I just didn’t know where it would come forth. If only I had trusted it more. I began trusting it much later, but in my early years was full of angst and chaos to get it out there. If only I had trusted the universe and that it would come to me. That I would manifest it.”

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