Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ending the Mommy Wars Article...

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I like Gwyneth Paltrow. There, I said it. I think she gets a lot of flack because she does a lot of cool things and it seems people who do cool things get a lot of flack.

Recently she was slammed in the media for some comments she made about being a working mom and how it's easier for those who have a 9-5 job etc. She recently posted more about this on her lifestyle website -

What I liked about this article was it opens up a subject that a lot of women don't talk about. The judgment of the working - stay at home mom wars. Everyone says they support, but come on, let's be real - there is judgement on every side.

I've been the corporate working mom, the stay at home mom and the mom starting her own business. I have struggled with each of these stages in my 6 years of parenthood. I think I'm finally finding a groove that works for me and my family (maybe?) but what I do find is we all still have to justify why we do what we do or choose what we choose.

So for any mom out there that relates a little to what I'm saying this article is worth a read. I think it's time to drop the super mom thing and be the real mom thing. Enjoy...

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