Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A New Office Space...this one makes me jealous!

I worked on an office space earlier this year that I absolutely adore! Yes, I'm just posting the before and afters now, but aren't you proud of me for actually doing it?!

This was a dream client. She had great taste and really trusted my suggestions in creating a room for her. She was looking for something that was functional yet very, very, did I say very, pretty. It was a chance to be feminine, whimsical and oh yes...pretty much all white!

We are still looking for a new reading chair. Tossed around a little Restoration Hardware action so will see where that ends up.

One of my favourite things when looking at the before and afters of this space is how much paint and decorating can do. We didn't need to do any expensive built ins or construction to make a space that functions and feels amazing.




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