Thursday, March 29, 2012

Indigo - Yes!

Those who know me, know I have a bit of obsession with Homesense. I just find the greatest things there and love the prices. Well, I may have to share that obsession with one of my other new favourite spots for home decor - Indigo! Yes, the bookstore. The secret is out on this place for a while and all it's wonderful home accessories, but what is even more exciting is the amazing sales they have. Seriously, 75% off some fantastic items. I had to share a recent example. Here are a pair of pillows I picked up there for $5 each! Yes, people, it's true and get this - that included the insert! Below are my new pillows along with some other great Indigo items I'm lusting after right now. Hmm...might swing by there after preschool drop off this morning? Enjoy!

Gold, sparkly beauties :-)


And the circles go with my 'circle motif' in the dining room - totally intentional (ya right!:-)

Okay, I think this is on sale for around $6 - come on!

That spot of colour is great, love this one

This one is $3 - yikes!

 So cute

Perfect with the yellow one above :-)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wallpaper for Powder Room

I posted a while back how it was on my 2012 "to do" list to redo our main floor powder room. I really don't like anything about it - the floor is so dark, the vanity is so ugly, the taps are dated (can you tell I don't like it!). All that being said, I haven't taken much action to change it but I noticed that every time I have someone over and they use the powder room I think about all it's "ugliness"- a sign for change! I received a bunch of wallpaper samples - which is a must! Looking online and seeing one thing can be quite different once you see it in person. Anyway, this is the one I'm leaning toward. It's fresh and fun and will allow me to accent with any colour. What do you think? Enjoy...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Craft Room - Slowing getting there...

Feels like forever since I've posted. Maybe it's this crazy Vancouver weather we're having (rain, wind storms, snow) that is making me feel unmotivated? To satisfy my need for a creative outlet I have been working on a few things but completing them is a different story. Without any cleaning, organizing or staging I have decided to show the progress we have made on our new craft room. This idea came from my idol, Sarah Richardson. I love the idea of having a space my girls can use for crafts, projects, homework and play dates (not to mention a good spot for me to get a little crafty myself now and then). All the major stuff is there it just needs a wee bit of "sprucing." Here is a shot of how it was looking today. Once it's all pretty I'll share some more photos. This is now my motivation to get it in gear. I will say, it's been fantastic so far. My daughter loves it in there and even better - no paints, paper, crayons (aka - art mess) in the kitchen anymore! Enjoy...

As you can see, it's already looking well used. The tables with the rolls of papers have been the best thing ever!

What's a craft room without pipe cleaner!

Places for all the 'tools'

Art work hanging to dry and on display for all to see :-)