Friday, March 23, 2012

Wallpaper for Powder Room

I posted a while back how it was on my 2012 "to do" list to redo our main floor powder room. I really don't like anything about it - the floor is so dark, the vanity is so ugly, the taps are dated (can you tell I don't like it!). All that being said, I haven't taken much action to change it but I noticed that every time I have someone over and they use the powder room I think about all it's "ugliness"- a sign for change! I received a bunch of wallpaper samples - which is a must! Looking online and seeing one thing can be quite different once you see it in person. Anyway, this is the one I'm leaning toward. It's fresh and fun and will allow me to accent with any colour. What do you think? Enjoy...


  1. That is one of my favourite wallpapers! You can't go wrong with that one!

  2. oooh that's lovely! PS I'm you're newest follower!